Find out how to keep your customers and staff safe with social distancing

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Thousands of customers from day one

No custom development, no huge upfront costs or an uphill battle to get customers to use your app.

Join the platform where your customers are already ordering. Same seamless experience they are accustomed to, now in your venue.

Go live in as little as 2 hours!

Queues are a thing of the past

To keep customers and staff safe, remove queues and reduce touch points. With the option for table service or pickup at the bar, customers can easily order without direct contact, reducing chances of infection.

Allow customers to pickup at collection points away from the bar. Make better use of your events and outdoor spaces.

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Cash, card and menus be gone

Remove the need for single use menus. Customers can order from the beautiful in-app menu with images.

Limit the spread of the virus by eliminating the need for cash and card. The app takes care of all payments and refunds.

Messy URLs, forget about it...

Increase your app utilisation with a platform that makes ordering seamless across venues.

2 minutes 23 seconds from download to finalised order for new customers and 27 seconds for reorders. That's faster than flagging a waiter or queuing at the bar!

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Flat Fee + Next Day Payouts

E.g. £10 goes through the app today, £9.81p would be transferred to your bank account the next day. A complete solution:


Sign up fee


Monthly fees


Per transaction

* Our international pricing differs slightly, please get in touch with our team if you are based outside of the UK.

Seeing is believing...

Even though the coronavirus crisis has had a devastating effect on the hospitality industry, there is a way for venues to recover by using innovative tech to reduce costs and improve user experience.

Join us on a demo call to see how Butlr is helping venues in your area to reach profitability sooner and to explore if we can help you achieve the same.

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