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Company Background

Butlr was launched in June 2019 with one goal in mind, to bring the dining out experience into the 21st century. Technology has shaped all facets of life from how we work down to how we flag down a taxi. The founders of the company, Sadra Hosseini and Alex Mackenzie, realised that how we eat and drink out has barely changed in the last 100 years.

They set out to disrupt the hospitality industry, bringing a convenient and seamless experience to every venue on the platform. With the use of Butlr, customers receive a consistent service across all locations be it a bar, pub, restaurant or even the local cinema.

Butlr is currently active across the UK. We are a fast growing startup with plans to start global expansions in 2021.

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Product Information

With the use of smartphones, Butlr gives everyone their very own waiter. No more waiting to be served in restaurants, queuing up to order in bars and pubs and no more having to skip the popcorn at the movies because you showed up late. The app allows customers to order ahead and be served on arrival.

We have implemented several innovative features including the 'Waiter' button, calling over a member of staff if the customer needs help. Our social share feature let's people share their table number with friends so they can get goodies on special occasions such as birthdays!

Venues love Butlr because they get to serve more people with less staff. The cost savings allows improvements in the experience they offer their customers. Butlr allows smaller venues to compete with large chains by offering an app with no upfront costs.


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London HQ:
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96 The Quays
UK, M50 3BB

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