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£10 goes through the app today, £9.81 would hit your bank account tomorrow

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Butlr pays out into your account the next working day with a daily remittance for easy accounting. No lengthy waits to receive your money.

Free Hardware

We provide all the equipment you need to go live, for free. A tablet, printer and stickers. If you have your own equipment, you can use that too!

APP or app-less
APP or app-less

Give the customers the choice of downloading the full app or enjoy the app experience with App Clips with no download. End result - happy customers!


“The app has increased our intake by 2.4x and costs are down by 50%. We can pay more attention to customers which means repeat business!”
Keith, Owner, 256 Wilmslow
Keith, Owner, 256 Wilmslow

Butlr gives customers the flexibility to order directly from their phones without the need to queue at the bar, allowing staff to focus on quick and efficient service.

bars & clubs
“Butlr accounted for 40% of our overall sales and this was increasing week on week as customers preferred the simplicity of ordering through Butlr.”
Sarun, GM, Electric Ballroom
Sarun, GM, Electric Ballroom

Butlr can help you increase revenue and do more with less - turbocharging your recovery as you come back after lockdown.

Bars and clubs
“Due to restrictions we were at 25% of capacity, but with the customers ordering through Butlr we managed to take as much on the bar as we would at 100% (sometimes more!)”
Anna, GM, Moles
Anna, GM, Moles

Butlr is revolutionising the gig-going experience. Whether you want to offer table service in your VIP area, or offer our drink collection function, we help music venues thrive by increasing overall wet sales.

“The convenience of table service and being able to order throughout the show is meaning we are able to take in much more money.”
Robbie, GM, Pleasance Theatre
Robbie, GM, Pleasance Theatre

Allow customers to order from the comfort of their own seat. Long queues at the bar during intervals are a thing of the past. Drive merchandise sales with beautiful images.