Why Table Ordering Tech Is Here to Stay

With the lifting of restrictions in England and other parts of the UK cautiously hoping to relax COVID-19 rules, you might be wondering what's going to happen to the hospitality tech that has been keeping businesses going throughout the pandemic. Well, we aren't going anywhere.

Ordering tech gives customers a better experience

Almost two-thirds of people have said that they are more likely to go to a venue that uses an ordering app, and it’s easy to see why.

Customers have been able to avoid queues, the need to memorise orders and hurry to the bar before forgetting and have been able to spend more time with who they’re out with. Giving customers control has also streamlined the entire ordering process, from easy bill splitting to greatly reduced mistaken and forgotten orders the appeal to retain these apps is clear.

The rise of the digital menu

Having a live, digitised menu was always in the cards for hospitality tech, but demand was rapidly accelerated due to covid, and we think they’re here to stay!

High res images are a great addition to the more traditional menu and let customers not only read, but see exactly what they’re ordering. Live menus also let venues amend their menu in realtime, so no more picking something tasty only to be disappointed that they’re out of it.

Faster service with less of the faff

During the pandemic many of us have become used to being able to order as soon as we’re seated and enjoy the freedom of being able to pace our experience. Gone are the days of trying to get a member of staff's attention, which is great news for hospitality workers also as their workload is streamlined and the pressure of a busy venue is taken off of their shoulders.

It’s also great news for venue owners, as with a speedier service they’re more likely to seat more tables in a day and rebuild a little faster after what has been an incredibly tough 18 months for hospitality.

Tech enables customers to choose how they want to enjoy hospitality in a post-covid world.

The world of hospitality has been revolutionised by the past 18 months and many of us have developed different preferences as a result of it. Ultimately customers want to be able to choose how they enjoy hospitality venues. They want the option to order from their tables, split the bill with ease, PickUp from the bar and avoid the long queues. Leaving the venues who don’t keep up behind.

Hospitality Technology Offers Many Solutions

Just as hospitality has grown in popularity, there is a whole world of solutions to fit every venue and suit every customer.

App Clips (the nifty QR codes you scan) offer app-like functionality without the need to download anything, which is a great solution for customers who don’t want to download any more apps on their mobiles.

PickUp allows customers to place an order, relax at their table and get notified when their order is ready for collection at the bar. This solution helps avoid the scrum at the bar, enables staff to be more efficient and is a ‘best of both worlds’ solution for venues looking to go back to bar service.

Apps are still the dominant solution on the market and we don’t see this model shifting any time soon. The genie is well and truly out of the bottle and both customers and venue owners have seen the benefits of this model.

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