What’s Next In Hospitality Tech

As hospitality continues to take steps towards returning to normal across the UK, it’s important to consider which parts of ‘business as usual’ we actually want to go back to. Which begs the question, why would we want to leave all of the tech behind?

After all, table ordering has improved customer experience, reduced wait times and streamlined operations for staff. So there are a lot of positives which make a convincing argument for venues to retain table ordering on some level, but for businesses looking to get back to bar service, what’s next? Well, we’ve already thought of that...

There’s a new hybrid on the block

Whilst we are still providing table service through our App, QR codes and App Clip options we are now launching PickUp, our latest feature, brand new to the market and it’s a complete game changer for hospitality!

PickUp lets customers order and pay, relax at their table and when their drinks are ready they'll receive a notification letting them know to go PickUp from the bar, it’s that simple! It’s the perfect hybrid between table and bar service, giving venues and customers the best of both worlds.

Why is PickUp the next big deal?

Fresh to the hospitality tech market, PickUp delivers a simple solution to many of the questions being asked by venue owners and their customers, making it an easy yes and great step forward for the sector.

For venues cautious about abandoning all social distancing measures, PickUp provides a smooth transition, as it offers a way to reduce crowds whilst still providing an excellent and safe service. It also gives customers more choice, making those who are nervous about restrictions lifting feel more comfortable about going out because they can still avoid the hustle and bustle.

By letting customers PickUp their own drinks your operations are streamlined, enabling your staff to spend more time preparing orders and less time managing the scrum at the bar. With lower wait times average spend per head also increases, making it a win win for venues and customers.

Lastly, this tech scales perfectly so it’s a great match for all venues from your local pub all the way to national festivals. PickUp is an exciting, revolutionary way for venues and customers to have better, smoother and more enjoyable experiences together.

I want it!

We thought you might, to get on board please visit our partner page and fill in our quick contact form. We provide a smooth and speedy sign up process and will send you everything you need so that you can get back to focusing on your customers!