3 reasons to support independent hospitality venues

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the hospitality industry, with venues being forced to adapt in an uncertain and unprecedented way to changes which affected every area of their business. Independents in particular have especially suffered as a result of these long-lasting restrictions with many seeing their doors shut and livelihoods put at risk over the past 18 months.

As restrictions continue to ease across the UK and we’re able to experience all the joys the hospitality industry has to offer, it’s more important than ever to support venues in their road to recovery. Giving your custom to a small business can also bring a whole host of benefits to you and the community which may not be immediately obvious. So, we’ve put together a few of the many fantastic reasons to support an independent hospitality venue - 3 to be exact!

Try new and exciting menu items

Whether it’s a pizza made with a homemade marinara sauce or a cocktail thought up by the head bartender, you’ll get the chance to choose from a selection of dishes and drinks that are unique to that venue. The heritage of the owner is often visible throughout the establishment which exposes towns and cities to a diverse range of cultures. Also, as independents tend to rotate their menu items due to locally sourced ingredients only being available at certain times of year, you could be laying your eyes on a different selection of dishes and drinks every time you visit.

Build connections and have a say in your favourite local

Due to the amount of time they’re able to dedicate to just one venue, you can give your direct feedback about the food, drink or service you have received to the independent venue owner themselves.

One of the many perks in supporting independents is the relationship you build with the team. From your favourite server to the local owner it feels good to support their business and build rapport. Many independents rely on the thoughts and opinions of the community they’re serving, so local people have a powerful influence over how a business decides to operate and what they purchase.

If you desire more organic produce or want to encourage the business to be more eco-friendly then you have the opportunity to spark a conversation about this and help to implement some real change and build a sense of community.

Help grow your local economy

Choosing to support an independent venue can have a wider reaching impact than we may initially think. These businesses often source their ingredients from local suppliers who will then reinvest their income into businesses and services in the same or surrounding regions, who will in turn most likely do the same. Employees at the establishment may also spend their wages locally during breaks or after work, further contributing to the local economy.

By visiting one of these places you are recirculating your money back into the community and helping your local economy to grow. This means more people will be able to open up their own small business and provide new goods and services which leads to yet more economic support and employment opportunities for local people. Whether it’s a teenager who has just got their first job as a server or an adult hoping to further their career in the industry, you’re helping to support people’s livelihoods by drinking or dining locally.

The effects of supporting independent venues can also be seen on a global scale through their use of local suppliers. Sourcing ingredients closer rather than importing from other countries reduces our carbon footprint as less harmful emissions are released in the process. Who would’ve thought doing your bit for the planet could be that easy?!

Without you even knowing it, simply popping into an independent hospitality venue and trying an entirely unique drink recipe or gaining an insight into a different heritage through food, you could be supporting a local chef’s dream, helping to grow your local economy or just massively supporting a small business owner as they exit out of a difficult time.

Here at Butlr we’re all about supporting local, which is why we only charge 1.9% per transaction (working out as only 19p for every £10 spent) so venues don’t have to lose their hard earned money to give their customers the choice they deserve when it comes to how they order.