Returning To The Office:
How hospitality tech is revolutionising office catering

The pandemic has shifted almost all of our norms over the past 18 months, with how and where we work being one of the most significant changes. For over a year, offices which previously were full and bustling have sat empty as we all adapted to the world of home working. However, as restrictions begin to ease across the UK and we continue to take steps towards returning to normal it’s important to consider the new behaviours and tech we have grown accustomed to during this time and what we want the new office normal to look like.

The rise of hospitality tech

Throughout the pandemic as hospitality began to open up and table service became mandatory, we all turned to table ordering apps for the solution. Enabling the customer to order and pay from their phones, relax at their table and be served when their order was ready.

Ordering apps are now as commonplace within venues as delivery apps are to the takeaway market, with a recent study showing that over half of us would prefer to visit a venue which had the option of app ordering, and it’s easy to see why. Quicker service, digital menus, zero queuing and simple bill splitting are just some of the reasons why this technology goes beyond a pandemic solution and has earned its place within everyday tech we know and love.

Why ordering solutions are in demand for office workers

Which begs the question, if it’s been so revolutionary in hospitality venues why can’t it be applied to working environments too? Many of us have coffee shops, cafes and even on site catering in our office buildings. Imagine sitting at your desk and instead of having to get up, walk to get coffee, stand in a queue waiting to be served you could just order one on your phone and go pick it up when it’s ready. Or instead of spending a chunk of your break queuing up for your lunch you could sit at a table with colleagues, order and have it brought out to you when it is ready.

How hospitality tech is a game changer for office caterers

It’s not hard to see how this would be beneficial to employees, but for the staff manning the cafés, coffee shops and larger catering functions, implementing this technology would help streamline operations, enable their staff to be more efficient and save them from the lunchtime scrum.

When used in hospitality venues, table ordering & collection apps have been shown to increase the average spend per head and speed up turnover, enabling venues to service more customers in a day. They’re also a fantastic solution for venues who are looking for a way to maintain social distancing and have a flexible business model they can use as we transition through the pandemic.

With all of these benefits alongside an audience who are eager to uptake it’s clear to see why office caterers are implementing this technology in their venues.

The proof is in the pudding

Victoria, the Head of Catering for The Hut Group - a series of seven large offices based in the heart of Manchester said:

Since implementing Butlr and transitioning to table ordering our operations are smoother than ever. We no longer have to deal with the break and lunchtime rushes and find we are now getting orders out much faster. The office workers also prefer it and feedback has been great. We would really recommend it to any other catering businesses within offices.

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