Butlr allows you to order food and drinks in every bar, pub and event on your phone without queuing

One platform, every venue

Ordering on your phone is the most convenient way to enjoy your favourite food and drink spots, but having an app for each location is not. Butlr is the single platform connecting customers to their local venues.

Order and order some more

Flagging down a waiter to order is a thing of the past. Simply add delicious meals and drinks to your basket and send directly to the kitchen, with live progress updates. In a pub or a bar? No more queuing just to order another round.

Be more social

Simply order from your phone and everyone will get billed to their account, no more splitting the bill.
Celebrating a birthday? Share your table number with friends who couldn't make it and have them send drinks to your table!

How it works

Butlr uses our flexible app ecosystem, together with the incredible local venues available near you, to provide an enhanced going out experience

Choose a Venue

Select your pub, bar or event in the vicinity. Just exploring? Use the map and reviews!

Browse the Menu

View all the venue has to offer with beautiful images of every dish and drink on the menu

Pay and Reorder

Pay on the app, no more waiting to pay. Want more? Simply reorder

Problem? No Problem

If there are any issues simply press the Butlr button to have a waiter sent to your table


  • How much is Butlr?

    Butlr is completely free to download and that's the way it is going to stay, forever...

  • How does Butlr work in venues without table service?

    Many pubs and bars do not offer table service leading to long queues. This is no more. Simply put your order through the app and we'll let you know when it is ready for collection.

  • How do I know if the venue has accepted my order?

    You'll be able to follow the progress of your order in the "Orders" page. Here you can see that the venue has sent your order to the kitchen, that it's cooking and even when it has been placed on your table.

  • There's an issue with my order, what do I do?

    If there are any issues with your order just press the 'WAITER' button and a member of staff will be with you shortly. Your own Butlr service!

  • I've just received a drink that I didn't order with a notification saying "James has sent you a gift". What's going on?

    It looks like you have friends. This is our new feature allowing friends and family to send you food and drinks even if they're not present at the venue, perfect for special occasions. Cheers!

  • How do I pay?

    We have made payment as easy as possible for you. You can pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay or any debit and credit card. Simply select your order and choose your preferred payment method at checkout.

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