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Whether you’re in a pub, a club or at a gig, you’re there to have a great time. And that time is precious, none of us has enough of it, so you want to be enjoying your friends and loved ones, the food, the band, the beers.

You don’t want to waste your time queuing. That’s where we come in. Ordering on Butlr is incredibly quick and easy - which means you can void the scrum at the bar and do more of what you came for.

Ordering made simple
Avoid the elbow match at the bar

Trying to work out who was first at the bar or waving your money in the air (bar staff hate that), is a thing of the past.

Select the venue, add your items to the basket and pay. Opt for table service or pickup, with live order updates sent to your phone!

We can help you build back faster

Build back your business faster. Butlr increases spend per head by 64% - turbocharging your recovery whilst keeping staff happy with more tips.

Ordering made simple